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A Little Boy Alone in the World

I heard a TRUE story of a young boy born to parents in a major city in America. His parents were alcoholics and so he was often alone. Soon his father died leaving his mother pregnant with a second child. A brother was born and he quickly learned to take care of his little brother while his mother attempted to survive. Soon his mother died too and he and his little brother lived in the streets, 'hidden' at night. The older boy learned from the adults on the street how to make a little money for food by letting someone touch them. He only wanted to feed himself and his little brother. Then the little brother was pressured into doing the same. They lived this way until the violence of this life killed the little brother. The older boy lived this way until he too died. Someone recognized the boy at 12 years old and new he'd tried to protect his little brother during those years. They'd seen him from time to time. Now they were both dead.

I wept when I read the story and knew this was the story of so many 'street children' all over the world but could it be happening in America? Is anyone watching? I am so grateful to those who go out at night into the streets of their communities looking for the vulnerable to interrupt this cycle of abuse. Aren't you?

Will you go and find them and help? Will you serve food at a local mission and love one? They need to know they are not forgotten. Can we take back our towns? We can form a team of committed, compassionate people who go out at night, in their town to the 'poor' areas, with sandwiches or a loaf of bread looking for them?

Will you partner with your local police to say no to trafficking, NOT ON OUR WATCH, and NOT IN OUR TOWN?

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