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ISIS' Worst Nightmare

Dear Friends,

​ As we work to end human trafficking and the exploitation of women and children we are part of a huge worldwide army of good people doing what we can to assist in the prosecution of perpetrators, and the rescue and restoration of survivors to their lives.

One of my favorite all-time quotes is from Edmund Burke who was a statesman (MP) and philosopher in the 18th century. He said,

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil

is for good men to do nothing.”

In those days they did not readily include women in their remarks but I add with a giant exclamation point "and good women"!

We at Heart Lifeline celebrate our partners who are both men and women and they are those who have stepped up to “do something” in the fight to end the suffering caused by sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

I am grateful and happy to report that In 2020 we exceeded all previous years as we grew in support for our home for women. We saw the Faithful One protect and care for us and lead us on as we travelled through a pandemic. We are thankful to see that even in the most trying of times, amid the storm, lots of tears and pain, we were held steady.

Even as I write this newsletter we are welcoming a new resident to our home and humbled and privileged at the same time to provide a safe, loving home from which to be healed from the wounds of trauma. Each of these women is a treasure, made in God's image and full of potential to change the world.

I recently read about the Daughters of Kobani. Have you heard of them? They are ISIS' worst nightmare! You see if an ISIS fighter is killed by a woman they believe they won't go to paradise! These young women, in pigtails, became sharpshooters equipped with AK-47s, organized as an army and determined to defend their town and they won!

Our cause calls for courage and an army to join together and build our works so that this enemy can be defeated. We trust that as we do our part in this worldwide effort to end human trafficking and do not quit, we will win!

I hope you will join our fight as we fight on!

For the girls,

Donna Hart


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