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At Heart Lifeline Int'l we have been touched by the scourge of human trafficking in our world and are a lifeline to hearts broken by exploitation. We are also working at government levels with national leaders to inspire strong and courageous leadership, at the United Nations in Geneva, and with emerging leaders passionate to see justice for all people.

Commerical Sexual Exploitation of Children

Forced Labor +

Labor Exploitation

Sex Trafficking

Fastest Growing Crime in the World


Vulnerable Children around the world are sexually exploited. They are sold and violently assaulted and we are compelled to do something to rescue them. Aren't you?Accurate estimates of the vast numbers of children affected are difficult to obtain because of the hidden nature of this crime and extreme poverty in third world nations but the number is in the millions!

Estimates indicates that about 60% of all human trafficking consists of forced labor exploitation worldwide. These workers are found in many industries including agriculture, brick factories/manufacturing, construction, service industry, fishing, bars and clubs, and many others. They are often tricked into believing they are obtaining a legitimate job for proper pay.

Millions of young adult and adult women and men are caught in the underworld of this horrific crime. They are taken, lured and/or trapped by false promises, sold by family members or 'friends'., and robbed of their dignity.

Through force, fraud or coercion they are victimized into sexual bondage.

It is estimated that nearly 40 million people are enslaved in the world today and that the total illicit profits may exceed $150 billion US dollars. The illicit profits from drugs has rivaled the profits from the 'sale' of a human being 20-40 times a day. Individuals, gangs, networks, and and organized crime are involved.

We are restoring lives and inspiring champions to eradicate human trafficking. 

This is our strategy:



Through partnerships with individuals, foundations, and organizations we are engaged in a multi-level approach with business, government entities, and a wide array of community resources to address trafficking in business, government and community life to interrupt the victimization of vulnerable children and adults.

These crimes of violence bring severe trauma and Heart Lifeline is working with survivors and partners who are building these precious lives for success and prosperity in all they do...going forward.We believe in the resilience of the human spirit to fully recover from the most vicious assault.



We believe that awareness and education creates a natural boundary against trafficking and those who would use or exploit other people, so we provide training to schools, government agencies, law enforcement and  community groups in a variety of contexts.

Heart Lifeline Int'l is engaged in teaching intervention awareness and strategies and activities to bring freedom to children, and adults caught in trafficking in the U.S. and abroad. Our investigative experience has provided keen insight and strategies to recovering those trapped in this horrific crime.

Let's join together to bring freedom.

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